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從俄羅斯到伊朗: 穿越荒野邊界

From Russia to Iran: Crossing The Wild Frontier
2021/09/24 週五 19:00

跟隨列維臣活在這五部曲系列中進行新的探險:穿越位於俄羅斯和伊朗之間的高加索山脈,又與當地人同行並以他們的方式生活。列維臣的史詩式 2600 英里長征,總共穿越了五個國家,跨越歐亞間緊張邊界上的荒野,並探訪了地球上一些最迷人和多樣化的人們。

Follow Levison Wood as he takes on a new expedition in this five part series: to cross the mighty Caucasus mountain range that lies between Russia and Iran. Travelling with the locals and living as they do, Levison’s epic, 2,600 mile journey takes him through five countries, crossing the wild lands on the tense frontier between Europe and Asia and visiting some of the most fascinating and diverse people’s on earth.