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Walking The Americas
2021/1/13 週三 21:55 首播
探險家利維遜在這部4集的節目中進行一次新的探險:從墨西哥到哥倫比亞,徒步走過中美洲 。他走了四個月,踏了四百萬步,1800英里的旅程共跨越了八個國家和兩個大陸,參觀了地球上一些最迷人和多樣化的地區,然後嘗試穿越傳說中的達連隘口- 60英里近乎密不透風的叢林,幾個世紀以來擊敗了想到南美哥倫比亞的眾多探險家。利維遜與朋友阿拔圖團聚,阿拔圖計劃與他一起踏過遙遠、無法預測且美麗的風景。利維遜亦遇上當地的黑暗面,穿過毒品走私地區到達中美洲最危險的城市,並參觀了一個有數千人的移民營地。來自世界各地的人都努力想進入美國。利維遜跟以前一樣親自拍攝了大部分的探險,捕捉非凡、親密而螢幕罕見的時刻。
Explorer Levison Wood takes on a new expedition in this 4-part series: to walk the length of Central America from Mexico to Colombia. His 4 million step, 1800-mile journey sees him walk for four months across eight countries and two continents, visiting some of the most fascinating and diserse regions on earth, before attempting to walk throuth the legendary Darien Gap-60 miles of near impenetrable jungle that's defeated explorers over the centuries - to reach Colombia in South America. Levison reunites with a friend, Alberto, who plans to trek the whole way with him through remote, unpredictable, and beautiful landscapes. Lev also encounters the darker side of the region as he walks through drug-smuggling regions to reach the most dangerous city in Central America and visits a thousand-strong migrant camp, where people from all over the world are struggling to make it to the US. As before, Lev films much of his expedition himself, capturing extraordinary, intimate moments rarely seen on screen.