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旅行日記:安東 - 文化遺產之城

Travel Diaries: Andong, Heritage City
2020/07/19起 每週日19:30


Andong, mainly known to Korean natives as a centre of culture and folk traditions, is home to some of the most ancient traditions and cultures in Korea. Regarded as "the capital of seonbis" (in other words, the capital of virtuous scholars), the city has lost its appeal to the younger generation as the new generation attempt to stray away from the Confucius virtues and norms that stem from the Joseon Dynasty. However, the city is much more than that, with its beautiful nature and historical sites perfectly mixed and showing off great harmony. As the city bustles with development, "Travel Diaries" will attempt to showcase both the past and the future of Andong through the eyes of a foreigner.


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