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My Worst Nightmare
2020/05/7 每週五 21:55 首播
Spirits who haunt houses also haunt our nightmares. A woman begins having recurring nightmares after moving into her grandparent’s home and spirits torment a family in their dream house.
Nightmares can send us visions of horrifying events that haven’t happened yet. A woman’s nightmares unlock her hidden psychic abilities and a teen foresees the death of his family members in his dreams.
Evil spirits latch on to vulnerable people through their nightmares. A girl is haunted by an evil female spirit; an unseen entity traps a boy in his nightmare and repeated out of body experiences leaves a woman in terror.
Visions of the end of the world can be sent to us by spirits in our nightmares. A woman’s asteroid nightmares leave her on high alert while a teen is plagued by visions of a zombie apocalypse.