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  • 00:40
    Dr Abel: Decomposed
    (德國)阿貝爾法醫:腐屍 驚悚
    真實故事改編的驚悚片,描述兩件駭人聽聞的慘案。一名年輕女服務生遭到變態醫生綁架,外涅斯特里亞情報局長為叛逃到西方而痛下毒手。語言:德語 Inspired by true stories, this thriller covers two grisly crime cases. A young waitress disappears and is held captive by a psychotic doctor. Meanwhile, the head of intelligence of Transnistria defects to the West and leaves a trail of blood behind him. Language: German
  • 02:25
    Girl On A Bicycle
    (德國/法國)單車上的少女 電影
    義大利人保羅生活在巴黎,剛和德籍女友求婚沒多久,就迷上一名美麗的法國女子。保羅聽從了朋友的不良建議,現在的他有一名德國未婚妻,一個法國「妻子」,還有兩個奧籍孩子。語言:英語,法語,德語,義大利語 Paolo, an Italian in Paris, has just proposed to his German girlfriend when he bumps into a pretty French girl. Smitten, Paolo took some bad advice from a friend and finds his life upside-down with a German fiancée, a French "wife" and two Aussie kids. Language: English, French, German, Italian
  • 04:20
    Three Quarter Moon
    (德國)四分之三的月亮 電影
    哈特穆特是一名計程車司機。他的妻子忽然求去,從此哈特穆特之後陷入人生低潮。某天,六歲女孩海雅特和母親搭上他的計程車,發生了一連串意外事件,他必須照顧海雅特,也因此再次感受到人生的喜悅。語言:德語,土耳其語 Hartmut, a taxi-driver, is left in a bitter slump when his wife leaves him. That is, until he gets six-year-old Hayat and her mother in his taxi. In a serendipitous turn of events, Hayat is left under his care and she helps him learn to enjoy life again. Language: German, Turkish
  • 06:00
    The Soul Of The Tigre
    年輕的華裔法籍男子Alex在得知自己哥哥離奇的死訊後,回到巴黎華人區的家中。在表親Lily的協助下,他著手調查哥哥的死因,並發現了家族的秘密。 Alex, a young Franco-Chinese man, learns of his brother’s mysterious death, and returns to his family in the Chinese district of Paris. With the help of his cousin Lily, he investigates his brother’s death and uncovers a family secret.
  • 07:35
    Dr Abel: Bruised And Battered
    (德國)阿貝爾法醫:傷痕累累 電影
    城裡發現多具皮膚上刻有「Respectez Asia」字樣的殘缺女屍,阿貝爾法醫認為目前的嫌犯不是真兇,他努力揭穿慘案背後的家庭悲劇。語言:德語 Multiple mutilated women with the words, ‘Respectez Asia’, carved on their skin, have been discovered. Coroner Dr. Abel believes that the suspect in question is innocent and strives to uncover the twisted family tragedy behind the slayings. Language: German
  • 09:10
    這部沒有對白的動畫聚焦在經常被忽略的童婚議題。未必幸福之外,童婚剝奪了青少年探索人生的機會,也同樣綑綁了孩童的夢想。 A silent animation shines a light on the often-eschewed topic of child marriages. Far from a blessing, such marriages rob the adolescent of a fulfilling life of opportunities; instead, it leaves the child shackled to a life of silenced dreams.
  • 09:20
    (新加坡)早餐同學會 劇情
    難得在咖啡廳重逢的兒時玩伴,這頓早餐開啟了朋友間久未聯繫的緣分。然而,其中一位這也才意識到,其實他們早已比想像中更加形同陌路。語言:英語 Breakfast explores the fraying bond between two friends. A chance encounter at a coffee shop brings together two childhood friends. However, one comes to the realisation that he and his old friend have drifted apart far more than he had realised. Language: English
  • 09:30
    Mobile Home
    (法國/比利時/盧森堡)行動夢想家 電影
    賽門拋下城裡的女友,回到家鄉和老友見面,大家決定完成童年開旅行車環遊世界的夢想,但不久就發現自己只是在逃避現實。語言:法語 Simon leaves his girlfriend and life in the city to return to his hometown. There, he reconnects with his old friend and they decide to fulfil their childhood dream to see the world in a van. But they soon realise they are really running away from life. Language: French
  • 11:15
    Burning Birds
    (斯里蘭卡/法國)浴火之鳥 電影
    在丈夫被民兵殺害後,Kusum必須獨自扶養婆婆和八個孩子。頓時失去經濟來源,她必須奮力一搏,做出艱難的決定。 After her husband is murdered by a local militia, Kusum has to support her eight children and her mother-in-law. With the breadwinner gone, Kusum has to make extreme choices in the face of her desperation.
  • 12:45
    Streets Of Berlin: Crazy Love
    (德國)柏林犯罪現場——瘋狂愛戀 電影
    同志教師恩諾修波遭人殘殺,屍首出現在後院裡。嫌犯共有兩名,一是恩諾的丈夫阿敏,二是恩諾的學生情人杜蘭。魯賓警探與卡洛警探必須在謠言和恐同氣氛的干擾下試著破案。語言:德語 The gruesome remains of gay teacher, Enno Schopper, is found in a backyard. There are 2 culprits – Enno’s husband Armin and Duran, a student whom Enno loved. Detectives Rubin and Karow struggle to solve the case against rumors and homophobic sentiments. Language: German
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    (義大利)培瑞茲 電影
    培瑞茲是一名強悍的律師,在險惡都會裡執法的同時,還得面對執法單位裡層出不窮的弊案。然而他的女兒愛上一名黑手黨成員,一切終於脫序。語言:義大利語 Against a backdrop of a grimy, urban wasteland, Perez is a tough prosecutor who perennially struggles between his law-abiding roots and the corruption surrounding his job; but all these unravel when his daughter falls for an Italian mafia’s son. Language: Italian
  • 16:00
    A Summer in Croatia
    (奧地利/德國/克羅埃西亞)克羅埃西亞的夏日時光 電影
    Ena的未婚夫取消了原定的婚禮,與此同時得知自己在克羅埃西亞還有家人。在南方艷陽下的海邊,她不只見到了親愛的奶奶與充滿敵意的嫂嫂,還有浪漫邂逅的漁夫。 Ena’s fiancé cancels the planned wedding - but just then she learns that she has a family in Croatia. At the sea, under the southern sun, she not only meets her loving grandmother but also a hostile sister-in-law and a romantically inclined fisherman.
  • 17:35
    Fill The Void
    (以色列)填補空白 電影
    席拉即將嫁給未婚夫,她的姐姐生下一子後因難產過世,姐夫考慮再婚並帶著寶寶移居比利時。為了不讓孩子被帶走,席拉的母親懇求她改嫁給姐夫。語言:希伯來語 Shira is about to be married to a young man she’s been promised to when her older sister dies at childbirth. Her brother-in-law plans to remarry and move to Belgium with the baby. Shira’s mother begs her to marry him instead to keep the baby in Israel. Language: Hebrew
  • 19:10
    Black Bread
    (西班牙)黑色麵包 電影
    榮獲2011年哥雅獎最佳影片。本片從加泰隆尼亞戰後說起,一名小男孩在森林裡發現了一名男子和小孩的屍體。他的父親卻遭指控謀殺,為了洗清父親的冤屈,他必須找到真正的兇手。 Best Film winner at the Goya Awards, 2011, Black Bread unfolds in post-war Catalonia. A young boy discovers the bodies of a man and a boy in the woods and his father is blamed for the deaths. To clear his father’s name, he must find the real killers.
  • 21:00
    Pelican Blood
    (德國/保加利亞)鵜鶘之血 電影
    Weibke和她九歲的女兒Nicolina興奮地迎接領養的五歲女童Raya。不過,Weibke隨即發現Raya異常的乖戾行為。經過專家的建議,Weibke必須做出殘酷的決定。 Weibke and her nine-year-old daughter Nicolina are elated when they finally adopt five-year-old Raya. However, Weibke soon notices Raya displaying abnormally aggressive behavior. With advice from experts, Weibke is forced to make a painful decision.
  • 23:10
    The Winner And I
    Carolin是老年專科護士,也是背了一身債務的單親媽,她撿到一張中了5百萬元的樂透彩券,天性誠實的她決心找出彩券主人,沒想到全鎮上的人都以為她中獎。語言:德語 Carolin is a geriatric nurse and single mother who is stuck with heavy debt. When she finds a 5 million winning lottery ticket, her honest nature prompts her to find its owner. However, things get tricky when the whole town finds out about her “win”. Language: German