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  • 01:10
    (美國)泰瑞 電影
    體重過重的青少年Terri經常遭到霸凌,索性再也不去學校。話特別多的校長Fitzgerald出於關心,開始為Terri上輔導課,沒想到也撫慰了自己。語言:英語 Terri is an often bullied, overweight teen. When he decides to stop trying in school, the garrulous principal, Fitzgerald, becomes concerned. However, what was meant to be a counselling course for Terri becomes a journey of healing for both protagonists. Language: English
  • 03:00
    Love Is In the Air (Com'e' Bello Far L'Amore)
    一部爆笑喜劇。Andrea和Giulia是一對夫妻,因房事不順而婚姻亮紅燈。色情片明星Max為他們指點幾招,夫妻倆展開一段臉紅心跳的旅程。 In this no-holds-barred laugh riot, Andrea and Giulia’s marriage is crumbling because of a depressing sex life. In steps, Max, a porno star, who gives them erotic advice, educates them and takes them on a wild and impassioned ride.
  • 04:35
    Love In Bora Bora
    (法國/比利時)愛戀波拉波拉 電影
    瓦倫婷暗戀著同事傑洛姆,原本想趁出差時告白,沒想到傑洛姆竟帶著女友賽勒絲同行。日子一天天過去,她開始質疑自己的情感。語言:法語 Valentine is secretly in love with Jerome, her best friend and colleague. She plans to confess on a work trip but this is foiled when Celeste, Jerome’s girlfriend, tags along. However, as the days go by, she realises she might’ve been wrong all along. Language: French
  • 06:10
    Dear Lemon Lima,
    一部成長類型的影片。13歲的凡妮莎為了讓暗戀對象刮目相看,不但發現自己身負愛斯基摩傳統,還找來一群和她一樣的怪咖來參加學校的冬季運動會。語言:英語 A bildungsroman of sorts, this film is the story of Vanessa, a 13 year old girl who, upon discovering her Eskimo heritage, bands together with her misfit friends to compete in the school’s notorious winter competition so as to impress her crush. Language: English
  • 07:55
    The Legendary Giulia And Other Miracles
    (義大利)經典車與奇蹟 電影
    五個窩囊廢對人生感到失意,決定一起離開城市,到義大利鄉間經營農場民宿。當地黑手黨開著一台經典車來收保護費,悲劇瞬間逆轉為喜劇。語言:義大利語 Five losers who are unfulfilled with their lives decide to flee the city and open a holiday farmhouse in the Italian countryside. But when a local mafia arrives for protection money in a vintage Giulia, tragedy is turned unto its back and comedy ensues. Language: Italian
  • 10:10
    The Empty Hours
    (墨西哥/法國/西班牙)空虚时光 電影
    17歲的塞巴斯蒂安在韋拉克魯斯管理一間汽車旅館,女子米蘭達常來這裡和已婚的情人幽會。她的情人總是遲到,米蘭達和塞巴斯蒂安也因此越走越近。語言:西班牙語 17-year-old Sebastian is placed in charge of running a motel in Veracruz. There, he meets Miranda, a regular customer whose married lover always keeps her waiting and an ambiguous game of flirtation commences between them. Language: Spanish
  • 12:05
    Don't Forget To Breathe
    Klemen崇拜哥哥Peter,當Peter戀上美麗的Sonja,Klemen被拋在一邊而憤怒不已,於此同時,他也忍不住迷上性感的Sonja。語言:斯洛維尼亞語 Klemen adores his older brother, Peter. When Peter becomes distracted with his affair with the beautiful Sonja, Klemen is angry that he’s been cast aside. At the same time, he struggles to ignore his growing obsession with Sonja’s feminine sensuality. Language: Italian
  • 14:00
    Storm Warning
    在一次暴風雨,兩名年輕人的大意疏忽,讓他們負責照顧的十歲男孩走失,再也找不到。二十年後,他們高中老師遇害的消息傳來,也迫使他們再次面對內心深處的傷疤。語言:法語 During a ferocious storm, two teenagers lose sight of the 10-year-old boy they’re babysitting and he disappears – never to be found. 20 years later, the news of the murder of their high-school teacher forces them to confront their traumas and old wounds. Language: French
  • 15:50
    Love In Lapland
    (法國)愛戀拉普蘭 電影
    破產管理人夏洛特奉命到瑞典關閉一間玩具公司,該公司執行長馬歇爾過著夢想家般的生活。夏洛特認識了馬歇爾之後,重新發現自己對生命的熱情。語言:法語、瑞典語、英語 Charlotte, a bankruptcy manager, is sent to Sweden to shut down a toy-making company. There, she meets Martial, the company’s CEO who lives like an idealist dreamer. She soon forgets about her agenda as she rediscovers her lust for life and love. Language: French, Swedish, English
  • 17:35
    The Blind Detective: The Dead Girls From Vienna
    (奧地利/澳洲)盲探追緝:維也納疑雲 影集/動畫
    Haller督察在汽車炸彈攻擊中失去愛妻又失明,但他仍然決心追捕兇手。在一名計程車司機的幫助下,他追查到犯案者,終於伸張正義。語言:德語 After a car bomb attack that killed his wife and left him blind, Inspector Haller remains determined to track down the murderer. With the help of a streetwise taxi driver, he tracks down the psychopath and sees that justice is served through to the end. Language: German
  • 19:15
    Picket Fences
    (德國)籬笆之外 電影
    深居簡出的鰥夫克南與活潑開朗的房東太太莉西比鄰而居,兩人總是意見相左,但克南的孩子決定幫爸爸尋找第二春,兩人的關係將有意外而歡樂的轉變。語言:德語 Kenan, a reclusive Turkish widower, lives beside Lissi, a happy-go-lucky landlady. Both rarely see eye to eye with one another. But when Kenan’s kids embark on a mission to get their father a new woman, things take an unexpected comedic turn. Language: German
  • 21:00
    My Name Is Maya
    (義大利)我的名字是瑪雅 電影
    姐妹花愛麗絲和妮基與母親相依為命,母親車禍意外過世之後,兩人不願被拆散收養,而選擇流落在羅馬街頭,她們的人生也因而改變。語言:義大利語 A coming-of-age tale about 2 sisters, Alice and Niki, who lost their mother in a car accident and are due to be fostered out into different families. Fearful, they run away and seek refuge in the streets of Rome where their lives will be changed forever. Language: Italian
  • 22:40
    (澳洲)戰火恕心 劇情
    澳洲退伍軍人來到阿富汗,尋找當年被他誤殺的平民的家人,祈求他們的原諒。死者的10歲兒子將決定他的命運。語言:英語,普什圖語 In this bracingly raw film about vindication and grace, an Australian ex-soldier goes to Afghanistan to seek absolution from the family of a civilian he had killed in the war. And it will be the 10 year old son of the deceased who will decide his fate. Language: English, Pashto