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    The Thin Yellow Line
    (墨西哥)車道黃線 電影
    關於五個負責畫分隔車道標線的男人。2015年蒙特婁世界電影節銅頂奬、葛婁貝侯夏最佳拉丁美洲電影奬、墨西哥奧斯卡最佳影片入圍。集編、製、導於一身的金獎導演吉勒摩戴托羅製作。語言:西班牙語 5 men paint the median line of a road. Bronze Zenith and Glauber Rocha, Montreal WFF 2015 winner and Best Picture, Ariel Award nominee. Helmed by director Celso R Garcia and critically acclaimed award-winning director-producer-writer, Guillermo del Toro. Language: Spanish
  • 01:55
    Pack of Queens: Queen Of Ice
    (法國)撲克女王:冰雪皇后 電影
    根據阿雷西勒凱耶的小說改編,巴黎刑事組組長馬丁調查學生被勒斃的案件,他認為房東涉嫌,但苦無證據。同時,法界人士瑪麗蘿瑞被控殺死一名強暴犯。語言:法語 Adapted from Alexis Lecaye’s novels, Paris’ head of crime squad, Martin, investigates when a student is strangled. He suspects the landlord but there is no evidence. Meanwhile, patroness of Judicial Identity, Marie-Laure, is accused of murdering a rapist. Language: French
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    (丹麥)回到初相戀 電影
    中年夫婦面臨空巢期,為了找回青春的感覺而搬進當年相戀的小公寓。一覺醒來卻發現年輕了三十歲,可能還無意間抹滅了兩人的過去。語言:芬蘭語 A middle-aged couple experiencing empty nest syndrome decides to relive their youth by moving into the apartment they lived in when they first fell in love. When they awake one morning 30 years younger, they realise they may have erased their past. Language: Danish
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    False Freedom
    (德國)自由的假象 電影
    二戰結束,人民繼續過日子,剛喪妻的納粹高官維克特佛斯也試著為女兒找到新媽媽。他屬意的對象鋼琴家伊娃是奧斯威辛集中營倖存者,但過往糾纏著他們。語言:德語 導演:班德費雪勞爾 After World War II, everyone tries to get on with life. Recently widowed former high-ranking Nazi, Viktor Voss tries to find a mother for his daughter. He turns to Auschwitz survivor Eva, a gifted Jewish pianist. But the past catches up on them. Language: German
  • 06:35
    El Mudo
    (秘魯/法國/墨西哥)法官的正義 電影
    法官康斯坦提諾遭到槍擊,警方簡單調查後以流彈結案,但他深信自己是某人暗殺的目標。他親自調查,卻一步步走上違法之路。語言:西班牙語 After a short investigation, the police conclude that the shot that nearly killed Judge Constantino was a stray bullet. But he is certain someone is targeting him. As he looks into his own case, he finds himself breaking the very laws he vowed to uphold. Language: Spanish
  • 08:05
    Menu For Two
    (西班牙)歡迎光臨 電影
    一對龍兄鼠弟,奧斯卡是住在大城市的高級股票經紀人,丹尼則在鄉下懶散度日。父親過世了,留下一間慘淡經營的鄉村餐廳交給兩人。語言:西班牙語 Oscar, a smart stockbroker from the big city, and Dan, a goofy slacker from hicksville, get some big news: they're brothers. Now they're stuck sharing their deceased father's estate, a failing country-style restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Language: Spanish
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    (法國/阿爾及利亞)非常兒戲 電影
    穆尼在阿爾及利亞小村莊當園丁,他的妹妹患有嗜睡症,導致他成為村人的笑柄。氣憤之下,他宣布妹妹將嫁給一名歐洲大亨,謊言越傳越大,也改變了他們的命運。語言:阿拉伯語 In a small Algerian village, Mounir, a gardener, is often mocked because of his narcoleptic sister. Enraged by the ridicule, he lies that she is engaged to a European business mogul. The lie brings newfound attention but also changes their destinies. Language: Arabic
  • 11:10
    Meek's Cutoff
    (美國)米克的近路 電影
    1840年代,六名拓荒者和嚮導在沙漠中迷路,沒水也沒食物的他們遇上一位原住民,他們究竟該信任嚮導,還是原本認知中的敵人?語言:英語 1840s. Six settlers and their guide become lost with food and water running out in the harsh desert. When a Native crosses their path, they are torn between trusting their unreliable guide and a man who has always been seen as a natural born enemy. Language: English
  • 12:55
    Las Acacias
    (阿根廷/西班牙)上車下車愛 電影
    卡車司機遇見一名帶著5個月寶寶的女子,想請他載到布宜諾斯艾利斯。旅途從沉默開始,兩人逐漸發展出一段溫馨友誼。語言:西班牙語,瓜拉尼語 A truck driver is asked to take a woman he does not know to Buenos Aires, but she is not alone. With her is her five-month-old baby. The journey starts out in uneasy silence but the odd couple soon develops a warm friendship that is full of promise. Language: Spanish, Guarani
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    (挪威/加拿大)天堂復仇路 電影
    蕾貝卡的妹妹在童年時期遭到性侵,她在療養院住院一年後自殺。蕾貝卡循線搜查,發現當年的性侵犯現在是體面的一家之主,她帶著刀以假名出現,決心復仇。語言:挪威語 After years in a psychiatric institution following a childhood molestation, Rebekka’s sister commits suicide. Armed with a kitchen knife and a false identity, Rebekka tracks down her attacker, now a respectable family man, to seek revenge. Language: Norwegian
  • 16:05
    Our Loved Ones
    (加拿大)父親的謎情歲月 電影
    《做愛後,我們談情》導演又一力作,《親愛媽咪》製片監製。男子在幼年時遭逢父親在自家地下室神秘死亡的悲劇,他的兒女必須一起面對傷痛。語言:法語 From the director of Night #1 and the producer of Mommy comes this family drama about a man still haunted by the sudden, mysterious death of his father in the family basement when he was a child. Now his own children must come to terms with his pain. Language: French
  • 17:55
    (墨西哥)驚奇阿貝爾 電影
    九歲的阿貝爾自從父親離開後不曾開口說話。某天,他不但開口,還表現得有如父親,扮演起一家之主的角色,吃驚的家人慢慢接受了他的轉變,直到父親突然返家。語言:西班牙語 Nine-year-old Abel has not spoken since his father left. Then one day, he not only starts talking, he begins acting like the man of the house, taking over his father’s role. Confused at first, the family slowly adapts until his father suddenly returns. Language: Spanish
  • 19:25
    That Thing Called Love
    (哥倫比亞)無所謂愛 電影
    母親節當天,一間哥倫比亞咖啡店裡發生了三段人生插曲。其中有痛失愛子的母親,有人要到西班牙展開新生活卻碰上意外之事,還有兩名街頭藝人發現彼此的真實身份。語言:西班牙語 A coffee shop in Columbia on Mother’s Day is where three stories unfold. A mother can’t get over the death of her son, another one about to start afresh in Spain has a surprise in store while two street performers discover each other’s true identity. Language: Spanish
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    (美國/阿拉伯聯合大公國/加拿大)樂透美國夢 電影
    坎城影展得獎之作。單親媽穆娜為了光明的未來,帶著青春期的兒子法迪離開約旦河西岸地區,搬到千里外的伊利諾州小鎮。語言: 阿拉伯語/英語 Cannes winner "Amreeka" chronicles the adventures of Muna, a single mother who leaves the West Bank with Fadi, her teenage son, with dreams of an exciting future in the promised land of small town Illinois. Language: Arabic, English
  • 22:40
    Angel Of Justice: Head Money
    (德國)正義天使:著眼營利 電影
    楊是一名四肢癱瘓的病人,她希望出院,但醫生不建議。轉行為醫療責任法專門律師的恩格爾醫師為她打官司,但楊的主治醫師恰是她的父親,她也懷疑診所只顧賺錢不顧人命。語言:德語 Quadriplegic, Jan, wants to be discharged from the clinic against medical advice. Doctor turned attorney, Dr Engel, fights his doctor who happens to be her father. Meanwhile she also takes on a dodgy clinic more intent on making money than saving lives. Language: German