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    Inspector Coliandro: Smartphone
    (義大利)柯利安卓探長:智慧型手機 電影
    一名女孩來找柯利安卓求助,因為她的男友偷了內含俄羅斯黑幫影片的手機之後消失無蹤。柯利安卓想藉這個案子來向副檢察官證明自己的能力。語言:義大利語Coliandro is contacted by a desperate girl whose boyfriend has disappeared after he stole a phone which contained confidential footage of Russian criminals. Coliandro actively takes up the case to prove his worth to the deputy prosecutor. Language: Italian
  • 02:10
    Inspector Coliandro: The End Of The World
    (義大利)柯利安卓探長:世界末日 電影
    柯利安卓去參加地下摩托車賽,目睹了一場死亡車禍,他和Buffarini一起救出肇事者。死者的哥哥為復仇而緊追他們不捨。語言:義大利語Coliandro attends an illegal motorcycle race and witnesses a fatal accident. Together with Buffarini, they save the rider responsible for the accident and find refuge. However, they soon end up on the run from the vengeful brother of the deceased rider. Language: Italian
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    (德國)伴我同行 電影
    一部橫跨多個世代的溫馨喜劇,描述人們如何面對生命中的大小事。Marguerita奶奶要出門去羅馬見教宗,一路上順道接了搖滾歌手孫女Martina,以及騙子Lorenzo。語言:德語,英語,義大利語In this feel-good, multi-generational comedy, its protagonists take on life’s vicissitudes with witty charm. Grandma Marguerita journeys to Rome to see the pope, and along the way, she picks up her rocker granddaughter Martina and conman Lorenzo. Language: German, English, Italian
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    Run To You
    花花公子Gianni遇到一名因意外而下身癱瘓的美麗女子Chiara,從此生活發生改變。Gianni is a serial seducer, but his life is destined to change when he meets Chiara, a beautiful woman who has had an accident and is paraplegic.
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    A Summer in Southern France
    (德國)南法的夏日時光 電影
    Charlotte繼承了舅舅在老家普羅旺斯的半數遺產,預計要轉手販賣,但另一位投資客Andre卻想延續她的家族企業。意見相當分歧的兩人,卻漸漸滋生愛苗。Charlotte has inherited half of her uncle’s funeral home in Provence. She wants to sell it for profit but Andre, the other stakeholder, wants to continue the family business. They butt heads ferociously – but with great hate comes great love
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    Murders in Hossegor
    (法國)奧瑟格爾謀殺案 劇情
    地方權貴人士Juliette被發現已死亡,死法和六百年前慘絕人寰的牧羊女謀殺案很雷同。 警察試圖找出這起案件與古老傳說的關聯性,關鍵的細節就藏在Juliette的私生活裡。語言:法語Local VIP Juliette is found killed in the same way as a falsely accused shepherdess who died 600 years ago. The police struggle to find a link between the modern murder and an archaic legend – but the devil is in the details of Juliette’s personal life. Language: French
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    Catch Of The Day
    (德國/丹麥)今日優選 電影
    年輕充滿企圖心的亞里斯住在漢堡,父親病倒了之後,他不得回鄉下老家照顧爸爸。為了支付開銷,他試著賣掉老家的房子卻不成,只好想個趣味的方式來讓他的村子更吸引人。語言:德語Alex, a driven young man, is forced to leave Hamburg for his small hometown to care for his sick father. With his finances running dry, he tries in vain to sell the family house and ends up resorting to hilarious measures to enhance its property value. Language: German
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    A Story Nobody Cares About
    一名男子下落不明,另一位男子聲稱有看到失蹤男子的下落,並記得他所寫下的寓言故事。男子轉述了這個關於沒人在意的小男孩的故事。小男孩來自一個沒人在意的國家,卻成了大家相當關注的人。When asked about a missing man, a man reveals that he saw him a while ago and remembers a story he wrote. The man retells the story about a boy who nobody cared about, who came from a country nobody cared about, who became someone people cared about.
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    (吉爾吉斯)奇幻歐若拉 電影
    在這部黑色喜劇中,一間獨自矗立在高山的療養院成了吉爾吉斯的社會縮影。裡面住著一名旅客、一位電視主持人、一名性變態、一位中國商人以及藥物成癮的年輕人。隨著時間過去,現實和虛幻間的界線逐漸模糊。In this black comedy, a sanatorium isolated in the mountains becomes a microcosm of Kyrgyzstan; its residents comprise of a tourist, a TV host, a pervert, Chinese businessmen and drugged-up youths. Excised in linear time, reality dissolves into fantasy.
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    (墨西哥/法國/奧地利)大叔播報員 電影
    55歲的Domingo歷經離婚後,決定踏上遲來的逐夢之旅,那就是當一名運動主播。為此他一心致力加入電視台的行列,卻沒想到他的播報為生活帶來始料未及的影響。After his divorce, 55-year-old Domingo embarks on a belated journey to fulfil his lifelong dream – to become a sports commentator. Though he aspires to join the local TV station, his commentaries are unknowingly leaving an impact on his community.
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    H Is For Happiness
    (澳洲)把幸福找回來 影集/動畫
    在這部風格迥異的青春喜劇電影中,Candice是一名住在奧爾巴尼的超樂觀12歲少女,她試圖正視青春期的考驗並把幸福帶回破碎的家庭。語言:英語In this quirky coming-of-age dramedy, Candice is a twelve year old girl with boundless optimism and happiness. Set in the quirky town of Albany, she sets out to conquer the trials of adolescence and bring love back into her broken family. Language: English
  • 19:20
    My Little Sister
    (俄羅斯)親愛的妹妹 影集/動畫
    正值二戰的蘇聯,小小年紀的Yamil殷殷期盼能見到未曾謀面的父親從戰後歸來。有一天,母親帶回一位精神受創的女孤兒Oksana,Yamil決定用滿懷關愛與希望之情,視她如自己的親妹妹。Set in Russia during WWII, little Yamil impatiently awaits the day that his father, whom he has never seen, can return home from battle. One day, mother brings home a traumatized orphan girl Oksana. Yamil finds comfort and hope in loving her as a sister.
  • 21:00
    Truth And Justice
    (愛沙尼亞)真相與正義 影集/動畫
    年輕的Andres初來乍到一座開滿玫瑰花的農莊,他決心要將這裡改造為物產豐饒的天堂。為此他必須擁有健康的農作物,攜手合作的鄰居以及一位男接班人。但是,這一切卻是充滿險惡與殘酷。Young Andres settles in a new farm. With rose-tinted lenses, he sets out to transform the farm into a prosperous paradise – all he needs is a healthy harvest, cooperative neighbours and a male heir. But, life turns out to be cruel and treacherous.
  • 23:35
    Three Little Pigs
    (新加坡)三隻小豬 劇情
    五歲的Denise被老師選中參加中文說故事比賽,Denise苦惱著該如何才能在比賽中大放異彩。不幸的是,另一位同學此時取代了她的參賽名額。語言:华語5-year old Denise is chosen to represent the class in a Chinese storytelling Competition. She struggles to find ways and means to make sure she excels in the competition. Unfortunately, it turns out that another classmate is taking over her place. Language: Chinese
  • 23:50
    Murder Up North: Sievers And The Sleepless Nights
    (德國)北境犯罪現場:無眠夜 電影
    Jen Hansen的死似乎是一場致命搶劫的悲劇結果。然而,Sievers懷疑有其他不法行為正在上演,因為他的調查發現了該飛行員的兄弟和情人有不為人知的秘密。Jen Hansen’s death seems by all accounts to be the tragic result of a deadly robbery. However, Sievers suspects that there is foul play afoot as his investigation unearths the skeletons in the pilot’s closet involving his brother and lover.