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    (澳洲/法國)失控聲援 影集/動畫
    當一名巴勒斯坦裔的女孩失蹤後,澳洲媒體爭相報導。她被視為伊斯蘭極端主義,並加入了恐怖組織。她的家庭深陷疑雲與悲痛之中,對外界的指控全盤否認。語言:英語 When a Palestinian girl disappears, the Australian media jumps on the news like vultures. She is painted as an Islamic extremist who has joined ISIS. Her family vehemently denies the accusations as they struggle to cope with their grief and confusion. Language: English
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    The Coroner: The Plague
    (法國)怪奇驗屍官:病害疑雲 影集/動畫
    碼頭旁的一艘船中,發現一名受瘟疫感染致死的男性屍體。警探們發現驚人的證據指向受害者並非感染致死,而是遭人注射細菌,而這個人就在他的身邊! A man infected by the plague is found dead in a boat moored at a marine. Detectives discover strong evidence that shows he was not infected by chance but that someone had inoculated him with the bacteria - someone who was in his inner circle.
  • 03:55
    Death For Sale
    (比利時/法國/摩洛哥/阿拉伯聯合大公國)謎樣的情人 電影
    摩洛哥首都德土安有著嚴重的貧窮問題,三個好友為了脫貧,決定聯手搶劫。然而事情出了差錯,現在他們得獨自面對不確定的未來。語言:阿拉伯語 In Tetouan, Morocco, the city is plagued by poverty. Three close friends, each with dreams of their own but bound by brotherhood, plan a robbery to escape from a hopeless future. But when the heist goes awry, each have to face their new destinies alone. Language: Arabic
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    Seven Acts of Mercy
    (義大利/羅馬尼亞/法國)七善事 電影
    一名年輕非法移民欲擺脫貧民窟的生活,她認識了一名生病的老人,兩人之間的衝突引發嚴重後果。堂吉訶德獎得主,2011年盧卡諾電影節入選。語言:義大利語,羅馬尼亞語 A young illegal immigrant plans to escape her miserable life on the edge of a shanty town. In the process, she meets a mysterious sickly old man and their clashes lead to terrible consequences. Winner of the Don Quijote Award, Locarno Film Festival 2011.
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    My Little Sister
    正值二戰的蘇聯,小小年紀的Yamil殷殷期盼能見到未曾謀面的父親從戰後歸來。有一天,母親帶回一位精神受創的女孤兒Oksana,Yamil決定用滿懷關愛與希望之情,視她如自己的親妹妹。 Set in Russia during WWII, little Yamil impatiently awaits the day that his father, whom he has never seen, can return home from battle. One day, mother brings home a traumatized orphan girl Oksana. Yamil finds comfort and hope in loving her as a sister.
  • 09:30
    The Coroner: The Miracle
    (法國)怪奇驗屍官:奇蹟 影集/動畫
    一具不完整的年輕女性屍體被發現在公墓遭到活埋,該名女子被眾人視作能治百病的聖人。警探們深入調查她神聖的名譽背後,其實信仰、迷信、詐欺之間只有一線之隔。 The mutilated corpse of a young girl buried alive is found in a cemetery. Known as a saint who could heal the sick, detectives look into the details of her “holy” reputation. Faith, superstition and trickery – the line between each is razor thin.
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    A Spicy Kraut
    (德國)魚干大姊要出嫁 電影
    哈提絲的妹妹法提瑪懷孕了,必須趕快嫁掉,但父親以斯邁爾卻要照安納托利亞傳統來,堅持做姐姐的哈提絲得先結婚。現在變成哈提絲急著找新郎了!語言:德語,土耳其語 Hatice's younger sister Fatma is pregnant and needs to get married NOW. But father Ismail clings to an ancient Anatolian tradition: Fatma can't marry until Hatice is married off first. So, Hatice desperately needs a groom! A “Hans with hot sauce”. Language: German, Turkish
  • 12:45
    Petting Zoo
    (德國/希臘/美國)寶貝動物園 電影
    柏林影展入圍,一個關於性愛、青少年、未婚懷孕的揪心故事,發生在德州聖安東尼奧,描述少女面對艱難的環境而逐漸成長的過程。語言:英語、西班牙語 Berlin Festival nominee Petting Zoo tells a heart-aching story about love, sex, and teen pregnancy in San Antonio, Texas. The film portrays a young woman coming into her own in an environment that does not always present ideal circumstances. Language: English, Spanish
  • 14:20
    Greta's Wedding
    Greta準備在一周內結婚了!在大喜之日前,她發現和前夫的離婚資料竟然有法律效益上的失誤。連忙想亡羊補牢的她,卻即將迎接始料未及的出軌人生? Greta is set to marry in a week. Shortly before the big day, she discovers that her divorce papers with her ex-husband have a legal mistake. She goes to great lengths to rectify it – but little does she know that her life will be derailed in ways unimagined.
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    (澳洲)戰火恕心 劇情
    澳洲退伍軍人來到阿富汗,尋找當年被他誤殺的平民的家人,祈求他們的原諒。死者的10歲兒子將決定他的命運。語言:英語,普什圖語 In this bracingly raw film about vindication and grace, an Australian ex-soldier goes to Afghanistan to seek absolution from the family of a civilian he had killed in the war. And it will be the 10 year old son of the deceased who will decide his fate. Language: English, Pashto
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    (荷蘭/比利時/克羅埃西亞)只想與你相聚 電影
    描述突尼西亞人納齊爾與荷蘭籍孕妻的真實故事。納齊爾被荷蘭拒絕入境,為了與妻兒團圓,他踏上危險的海上偷渡之旅,但卻不幸被逮捕。他的妻子盡一切努力來拯救他。語言:英語、荷語、義大利語、阿拉伯語 Rafael tells the true story of Tunisian Nazir and his pregnant Dutch wife. They are separated when he is denied entry into Holland and so, Nazir attempts the dangerous sea crossing but ends up caught. Against all odds, his wife fights to rescue him. Language: English, Dutch, Italian, Arabic
  • 19:20
    In Love With My Boss
    Anna偷偷暗戀著老闆Sven,Sven則視Anna為最合拍的助理。就在Sven打算大膽向他人追愛時,Anna壓抑了內心的愛慕之情,並扮起邱比特。然而,成功的追愛故事也讓她為之心碎。 Anna is secretly in love with her boss Sven, who seems to think no more of Anna than a perfect assistant. When Sven decides to pursue love, Anna conceals her affection and plays matchmaker. Yet, her success in the matter leaves her heartbroken.
  • 21:00
    The Tower
    (挪威/法國/瑞典)來自高塔的願望 劇情
    這部動畫改編自巴勒斯坦裔難民轉述的真實故事,敘述住在黎巴嫩難民營的11歲女孩Wardi,有一天收到心愛的祖父委託的傳家之寶,那是一把位於加利利的祖房鑰匙。語言:挪威語、瑞典語、法語 Based on true stories retold by Palestinian refugees, this animation focuses on 11 year-old Wardi’s life in a Lebanese camp. One day, her beloved great-grandfather entrusts her with his most prized possession – the key to their ancestral house in Galilea. Language: Norwegian
  • 22:35
    The Owners
    (哈薩克)屋主 電影
    三兄妹被迫離開城市,打算回到村莊裡的老家居住,但區長的酗酒弟弟已在老屋非法住了十年,三兄妹試著取回房屋,但警察不斷騷擾。語言:哈薩克語,俄語 Forced to leave the city, three siblings return to their family home in a quiet village. But, the District Officer’s alcoholic brother has been squatting there for 10 years and the police are making their lives hell as they fight to get their house back. Language: Kazakh, Russian