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    (澳洲/法國)失控聲援 影集/動畫
    當一名巴勒斯坦裔的女孩失蹤後,澳洲媒體爭相報導。她被視為伊斯蘭極端主義,並加入了恐怖組織。她的家庭深陷疑雲與悲痛之中,對外界的指控全盤否認。語言:英語When a Palestinian girl disappears, the Australian media jumps on the news like vultures. She is painted as an Islamic extremist who has joined ISIS. Her family vehemently denies the accusations as they struggle to cope with their grief and confusion. Language: English
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    7 Wishes
    (俄羅斯)七個願望 電影
    Marina在婚禮前夕搞丟了護照,遍尋不至之下,她採取最後的手段:參加祈願馬拉松。她向宇宙祈求七個願望,很快就發現因禍得福是最美好的事。語言:俄語Marina loses her passport on the eve of her wedding. When she fails to locate it, she takes to her last resort: a wish marathon. She asks the Universe for seven wishes and soon realises that the best blessings come in disguise. Language: Russian
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    Murder. Money. Zurich. III - Borchert and the Last Hope
    死於多發性硬化症的建築師Anton Schenider的家屬委託無照律師Thomas Borchert辦案。家屬懷疑神經科醫生的不法勾當,但解剖大體後接二連三的問題卻隨之而來。Thomas Borchert, an “unlicensed attorney” is consulted by the family of architect Anton Schenider who died from Multiple Sclerosis. The family suspects malpractice on the part of his neurologist, but the autopsy creates more questions than answers.
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    Out Of Paradise
    (瑞士/蒙古)再別天堂 電影
    Dorj和Suren在蒙古草原過著閒雲野鶴的游牧人生,直到Suren的懷孕改變了原本的生活。他們踏上前往首都烏蘭巴托尋求醫藥協助的暖心旅途,並克服一路上的種種難關。Dorj and Suren’s idyllic nomadic life on the Mongolian Steppe is shaken as Suren develops complications in her pregnancy. They embark on a heartwarming journey to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, to seek medical treatment, and overcome challenges along the way.
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    (土耳其)戀習銷售員 電影
    36歲的Alis在被父母趕出家門只能在車上度日,並無意間找到銷售地毯清潔器的工作。就在銷售Karnaval品牌的地毯清潔器之際,他認識了熱情洋溢的蛋糕師傅Demet。Alis, a 36-year-old, who lives in his car after being kicked out from his parent’s house, finds himself selling carpet cleaners. Through the “Karnaval” brand of carpet cleaners, he meets Demet, an ambitious wedding cake maker.
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    年輕的芭蕾舞者Suraya在渴望跳舞與家族宗教信仰的期待間掙扎,她必須決定是否要在接下來的作品擔任主角。Caught between the desire to dance and the expectations put on her by family through religious beliefs, a young ballerina named Suraya must decide if she can play the lead in a current production.
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    Pure White
    (土耳其)純白之境 電影
    為人夫也有小孩的Vural在信仰中長大,過著看似虔誠保守的生活。然而他發現了一個真相,迫使他改變對宗教和道德的看法,一切產生了黑暗的轉變。Vural, a husband and a father who was raised in faith, leads a seemingly pious and conformist life. Yet, everything takes a sudden dark turn when he learns a truth that will force him to confront his views on religion and morality.
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    Murder. Money. Zurich. IV - Borchert and the Force of Habit
    無照律師Thomas Borchert想要幫助兩名自首的竊盜洗刷謀殺罪刑。但是眼前的證據卻不利於他們,唯一的希望就是親自找到真兇。“Lawyer without a license” Thomas Borchert wants to save two confessed burglars from a murder charge. But with the evidence stacked against them, their only hope is to track down the real killer themselves.
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    Nanny On Board: In Mauritius
    (德國)保姆上路:模里西斯 電影
    60的漢妮為人風趣,意志堅強,但財務出了狀況。毫無經驗的她決定當保姆維生,不久,第一個客戶上門:育有兩名女兒、住在模里西斯的鰥夫華德納。語言:德語Henni is 60 years old, fun-loving and strong-willed. However, burdened with financial woes, she decides to be a nanny despite her lack of experience. Soon, she lands her first job offer from Waldner, a widowed father with two daughters, in Mauritius. Language: German
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    Dear Lemon Lima,
    一部成長類型的影片。13歲的凡妮莎為了讓暗戀對象刮目相看,不但發現自己身負愛斯基摩傳統,還找來一群和她一樣的怪咖來參加學校的冬季運動會。語言:英語A bildungsroman of sorts, this film is the story of Vanessa, a 13 year old girl who, upon discovering her Eskimo heritage, bands together with her misfit friends to compete in the school’s notorious winter competition so as to impress her crush. Language: English
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    The Vegetarian
    (義大利)萬物之生 電影
    婆羅門之子克里希那在義大利農場工作,但念念不忘在印度的童年生活。他尊重大自然與動物,並且與當地人和平相處。某天,一隻乳產量不佳的乳牛即將被屠殺,克里希那不得不面對自己的道德。語言:義大利語,北印度語Krishna, son of a Brahmin, works on a farm in Italy but never forgets his Indian roots. He lives in peace with the locals and respects the nature and animals. However, when an unproductive cow has to be killed, he is forced to confront his conscience. Language: Italian, Hindi
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    Chocolate Kisses
    (義大利)浪漫巧克課程2—巧克力之吻 電影
    義大利頭號男星路卡阿根提諾(《享受吧!一個人的旅行》)主演,這是一部關於巧克力製造師的浪漫喜劇,當他風流成性的徒弟愛上他的女兒,造成師徒關係緊張。有什麼情況是巧克力幫不忙的?Starring Luca Argentero (Eat Pray Love), a romantic adventure about chocolatier; and his womanising assistant who find their relationship strained when the young man falls for his boss’s lovely daughter. Anything that a little chocolate can’t help?
  • 19:25
    Murder by the Lake - Curse From The Deep
    寶藏獵人Florian Friedrich在波登湖湖底發現一大袋古老金幣後,沒多久卻死亡,嘴巴慘遭縫合,口中還含有金幣。兩名警探被指派調查此離奇案件。Treasure hunter Florian Friedrich recovers a hoard of old coins from the bottom of Lake Constance, but is later found dead with his mouth sewn up with a gold coin inside. Two detectives are called to investigate the mysterious death.
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    Silenced Tree
    (伊朗/土耳其)噤聲的記憶 電影
    一棵腐爛的核桃樹以及對父親的回憶。當他妻子的屍體被發現,無辜的Hayati承認自己是兇手。Hayati is a small-town literature teacher and author who can’t move on from his past: his failing marriage, his sick mother, a decaying walnut tree, and memories of his father. When his wife’s body is found, the innocent Hayati confesses to the murder.
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    (義大利)黑幫血案 電影
    根據八月屠殺事件改編。六名卡拉布里亞人在餐廳外被暗殺,負責調查的Battaglia探員及Block探員發現了背後的家族世仇。語言:義大利語Based on the real-life “Ferragosto Massacre”, six young Calabrians are killed by assassins outside of a restaurant. Inspectors Battaglia and Block are tasked to manage the case and they discover a bloodthirsty family feud behind the brutal murders. Language: Italian