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    93 Days
    (奈及利亞)93天 電影
    《93天》是一部寫實驚悚片,描述可怕的伊波拉病毒爆發之後,一群勇敢的男男女女冒生命危險拯救同胞。語言:英語 93 Days' is a riveting real-life thriller about courageous men and women who risked their lives and made sacrifices to save Nigerians from the consequences of the outbreak of the highly dreaded Ebola virus disease. Language: English
  • 03:05
    Streets Of Berlin: Corrosive
    (德國)柏林犯罪現場—無名腐屍 電影
    在柏林某個非法移民聚集地,有人發現了一個裝有腐蝕性液體及屍塊的汽油桶。調查結果揭露了一個悲劇性的家庭遭遇,也反映了非法移民所蒙受的苦難。語言:德語 In one of Berlin’s illegal immigrant clusters, human remains are found in an acid-filled drum. Investigations soon illuminate a tragic family story, one that serves as ghastly reflection of the desperate and depraved world of illegal immigrants.
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    (比利時/法國/德國)漫漫心旅程 電影
    一對分居15年的夫妻,為了探望住院的兒子而不得不重聚,昔日的愛恨在路途中浮現,是一部探討情感的深刻電影。語言:法語 A couple, separated for 15 years, are forcibly reunited when they have to travel to meet their hospitalized son. Old animosities, but also old feelings, resurface during the road trip; a tender movie that highlights the depths of human emotions. Language: French
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    Balancing Act
    (德國)平衡做法 電影
    Marie擁有親愛的家人和成功的事業,然而當她被診斷出患有多發性硬化症,她的世界崩毀了。在努力適應疾病的過程中,她學會了接受他人的幫助,並找到一線希望。語言:德語 Marie has it all – a loving family and a successful career. However, her world comes crashing when she’s diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As she struggles to come to terms with the trauma, she learns to accept help from others and find the silver lining. Language: German
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    Love In Andalusia
    (法國)愛在安達盧西亞 電影
    Claire來到安達盧西亞參加妹妹Laura的婚禮,誰知Laura卻神秘失蹤,她只好與新郎Alvaro一起尋人,過程中兩人的關係逐漸拉近。語言:法語 Claire arrives in Andalusia for her sister Laura’s wedding. However, Laura has mysteriously disappeared. With Alvaro, the groom, they embark on a journey to find her. In a twist of fate, their time together brings them dangerously close and intimate. Language: French
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    Jeune Juliette
    (加拿大)青春幹大事 喜劇
    在這部奇幻青春電影,Juliette是一名對友情、愛情以及家庭都抱有憧憬的高二學生。但儘管再怎麼努力,她的願景依舊未能實現,Juliette學著放下一切,重新接受真正的自己。 語言:法語、加拿大語 In this bubbly teenage drama, Juliette is a high school sophomore who has big dreams about friends, love and family. However, as each dream fails to materialise despite her best efforts, she learns to let go and find peace with who she really is. Language: French
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    Streets Of Berlin: Us-Her-Them
    (德國)柏林犯罪現場—麻木無情   電影
    卡塔琳娜威娜慘遭吉普車碾斃,命案嫌犯包括了三名青少女,但她們一副吊兒郎當的態度,甚至對調查人員冷嘲熱諷,卡洛警探與魯賓警探必須設法破案。語言:德語 Katharina Werner is brutally killed when a jeep runs over her. Amongst the suspects is a trio of pubescent girls who remain callously indifferent to the murder. Battling mockery from the teenagers, detectives Krakow and Rubin struggle to close the case.
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    Halal For Beginners
    (愛爾蘭/德國)清真男孩轉大人 電影
    一部關於文化衝擊的喜劇。穆斯林青年Aziz原本在愛爾蘭小鎮享受輕鬆生活,但老爸一現身,就命令他在愛爾蘭開設第一間符合伊斯蘭教律的屠宰工廠。輕鬆生活掰掰,Aziz被逼得面對成年人的責任。語言:英語 In this culture-clash comedy, Aziz is a Muslim youth enjoying a small town Irish life until his strict father shows up. Coerced into helming Ireland’s first halal meat factory, his carefree life disappears abruptly and he is forced to mature. Language: English
  • 14:25
    International Falls
    (美國)真愛無國境 影集/動畫
    Dee是一名有兩個孩子的中年婦女,生活在了無生趣的美國中西部郊區。直到一次假期,她遇見了事業低落的單口喜劇演員Tim。奇妙的情感悄悄萌芽,他們倆為彼此失意的生活帶來了一線光明。 語言:英語 Dee is a middle-aged mother of two who is stuck in a Midwest rut. While on vacation, she meets Tim, a washed-up stand-up comedian, and an unlikely bond develops. Together, they find the silver lining in their gloomy lives. Language: English
  • 16:05
    Top End Wedding
    (澳洲)就愛搞婚頭 影集/動畫
    即將結為連理Lauren和Ned興奮地籌備屬於他們的夢想婚禮,但眼前卻上演了天大的麻煩—Lauren的母親不見了!他們必須橫跨澳洲北部,踏上尋找母親的公路之旅。 Newly engaged couple Lauren and Ned are excited to plan for their dream wedding. But there’s one big problem – Lauren’s mother has just vanished. They embark on an epic road trip across Northern Australia in search of her.
  • 18:00
    The Wedding Misplanner
    (德國)親家有問題 喜劇
    兩對親家對於子女的婚禮安排有不同看法,新郎母親Claudia想辦一場小而美的婚禮,新娘父親Herb卻希望盛大舉辦。兩家為此爭吵不休,不知如何收拾殘局。語言:德語 Two in-laws have clashing ideas on the best wedding arrangement for their engaged children. Claudia, the groom’s mother, wants a small intimate affair while Herb, the bride’s father, wants a pompous ceremony. Peace is shattered, and all hell breaks loose. Language: German
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    Truth And Justice
    (愛沙尼亞)真相與正義 影集/動畫
    年輕的Andres初來乍到一座開滿玫瑰花的農莊,他決心要將這裡改造為物產豐饒的天堂。為此他必須擁有健康的農作物,攜手合作的鄰居以及一位男接班人。但是,這一切卻是充滿險惡與殘酷。 Young Andres settles in a new farm. With rose-tinted lenses, he sets out to transform the farm into a prosperous paradise – all he needs is a healthy harvest, cooperative neighbours and a male heir. But, life turns out to be cruel and treacherous.
  • 22:00
    Murder In Herault
    (法國)埃羅謀殺案 影集/動畫
    發生了兩起謀殺案!除了夜店老闆遭到殺害,另一具屍體則是被戴上了狐狸面具的營地負責人。就在警方試圖釐清案件間的驚人關聯時,還有一具戴著狼面具的屍體也浮出檯面。 There’s a double homicide – a boss of a nightclub is found murdered while a campsite manager is discovered with a fox mask on her corpse. Just as the police discover a startling link between the murders, a new corpse wearing a wolf mask surfaces.
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    (法國/阿爾及利亞)非常兒戲 電影
    穆尼在阿爾及利亞小村莊當園丁,他的妹妹患有嗜睡症,導致他成為村人的笑柄。氣憤之下,他宣布妹妹將嫁給一名歐洲大亨,謊言越傳越大,也改變了他們的命運。語言:阿拉伯語 In a small Algerian village, Mounir, a gardener, is often mocked because of his narcoleptic sister. Enraged by the ridicule, he lies that she is engaged to a European business mogul. The lie brings newfound attention but also changes their destinies. Language: Arabic