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    (義大利)黑幫血案 電影
    根據八月屠殺事件改編。六名卡拉布里亞人在餐廳外被暗殺,負責調查的Battaglia探員及Block探員發現了背後的家族世仇。語言:義大利語Based on the real-life “Ferragosto Massacre”, six young Calabrians are killed by assassins outside of a restaurant. Inspectors Battaglia and Block are tasked to manage the case and they discover a bloodthirsty family feud behind the brutal murders. Language: Italian
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    Pure White
    (土耳其)純白之境 電影
    為人夫也有小孩的Vural在信仰中長大,過著看似虔誠保守的生活。然而他發現了一個真相,迫使他改變對宗教和道德的看法,一切產生了黑暗的轉變。Vural, a husband and a father who was raised in faith, leads a seemingly pious and conformist life. Yet, everything takes a sudden dark turn when he learns a truth that will force him to confront his views on religion and morality.
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    Silenced Tree
    (伊朗/土耳其)噤聲的記憶 電影
    一棵腐爛的核桃樹以及對父親的回憶。當他妻子的屍體被發現,無辜的Hayati承認自己是兇手。Hayati is a small-town literature teacher and author who can’t move on from his past: his failing marriage, his sick mother, a decaying walnut tree, and memories of his father. When his wife’s body is found, the innocent Hayati confesses to the murder.
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    My Little Sister
    (俄羅斯)親愛的妹妹 影集/動畫
    正值二戰的蘇聯,小小年紀的Yamil殷殷期盼能見到未曾謀面的父親從戰後歸來。有一天,母親帶回一位精神受創的女孤兒Oksana,Yamil決定用滿懷關愛與希望之情,視她如自己的親妹妹。Set in Russia during WWII, little Yamil impatiently awaits the day that his father, whom he has never seen, can return home from battle. One day, mother brings home a traumatized orphan girl Oksana. Yamil finds comfort and hope in loving her as a sister.
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    Color Of The Ocean
    (德國/西班牙 )海的顏色 電影
    一部描寫難民的動人劇情片,西班牙警察José、德國觀光客Nathalie以及來自剛果的難民Zola因緣際會而扯上關係,他們了解到要解救他人之前必先解救自己。語言:德語、西班牙語、法語In this gripping refugee drama, the lives of Spanish cop José, German tourist Nathalie and Congolese refugee Zola become fatefully intertwined. As each person strives to survive and help others, they learn that to free someone, one has to free oneself first. Language: German, Spanish, French
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    The Vegetarian
    (義大利)萬物之生 電影
    婆羅門之子克里希那在義大利農場工作,但念念不忘在印度的童年生活。他尊重大自然與動物,並且與當地人和平相處。某天,一隻乳產量不佳的乳牛即將被屠殺,克里希那不得不面對自己的道德。語言:義大利語,北印度語Krishna, son of a Brahmin, works on a farm in Italy but never forgets his Indian roots. He lives in peace with the locals and respects the nature and animals. However, when an unproductive cow has to be killed, he is forced to confront his conscience. Language: Italian, Hindi
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    Mom Or Dad?
    (義大利)爸爸給你,媽媽給我 電影
    多年夫妻Valeria和Nicola協議分手,兩人在海外都有高薪工作等著,處心積慮將自己塑造成不良父母,好把孩子的監護權推給對方。一場爆笑的大戰即將展開。語言:義大利語After years of marriage, Valeria and Nicola decide to amicably divorce. However, when both receive lucrative job offers abroad, each tries to avoid having custody of the kids by fashioning themselves as a bad parent. A hilarious war of tricks ensues. Language: Italian
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    Murders In Hossegor
    (法國)奧瑟格爾謀殺案 劇情
    地方權貴人士Juliette被發現已死亡,死法和六百年前慘絕人寰的牧羊女謀殺案很雷同。 警察試圖找出這起案件與古老傳說的關聯性,關鍵的細節就藏在Juliette的私生活裡。語言:法語Local VIP Juliette is found killed in the same way as a falsely accused shepherdess who died 600 years ago. The police struggle to find a link between the modern murder and an archaic legend – but the devil is in the details of Juliette’s personal life. Language: French
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    The Tower
    (挪威/法國/瑞典)來自高塔的願望 劇情
    這部動畫改編自巴勒斯坦裔難民轉述的真實故事,敘述住在黎巴嫩難民營的11歲女孩Wardi,有一天收到心愛的祖父委託的傳家之寶,那是一把位於加利利的祖房鑰匙。語言:挪威語、瑞典語、法語Based on true stories retold by Palestinian refugees, this animation focuses on 11 year-old Wardi’s life in a Lebanese camp. One day, her beloved great-grandfather entrusts her with his most prized possession – the key to their ancestral house in Galilea. Language: Norwegian
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    (比利時/瑞士/法國)寶貝守門員 電影
    15歲的Maxime和Mélanie墜入情網,有一天Mélanie發現自己懷孕了,經過與Maxime百般說服後,他們決定把孩子生下來。Maxime and Mélanie are 15 and in love with each other. One day, Mélanie learns that she is pregnant, and after much convincing from Maxine, they decide to become parents.
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    年輕的芭蕾舞者Suraya在渴望跳舞與家族宗教信仰的期待間掙扎,她必須決定是否要在接下來的作品擔任主角。Caught between the desire to dance and the expectations put on her by family through religious beliefs, a young ballerina named Suraya must decide if she can play the lead in a current production.
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    (巴西)過曝青春 電影
    好不容易在社群媒體上互相追蹤彼此,Tati和Renet逐漸建立的關係就在私密影片外傳後瞬間瓦解。同時Renet也必須解決與父母間的問題,Tati則試圖不讓生活失序。After connecting with each other on social media, Tati and Renet’s budding relationship is cut short when Tati’s intimate video is leaked online. While Renet has to deal with problems with his parents, Tati is struggling to keep her life from crumbling.
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    Modern Murder: The Nest
    (德國)現代兇殺案:巢穴 電影
    Gorniak因新搭檔Winkle在出任務時犯錯而受重傷。Winkle設法將兇嫌人數縮減到兩人,但能夠指認嫌犯的只有Gorniak。嫌犯仍在逃,Gorniak面臨生命危險。語言:德語Gorniak is critically injured when her new colleague, Winkle, fumbles during a mission. Winkler narrows down the killer to two men but Gorniak is the only one who recognises the perpetrator. Her life remains in danger as long as the killer walks free. Language: German
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    Modern Murder: Nemesis
    (德國)現代兇殺案:復仇 電影
    知名餐廳業主被殺害,Gorniak及Hennrichs循線偵辦而接觸到組織犯罪的世界,但新的線索卻指出餐廳業主的妻兒涉有重嫌。年輕兒子是否可能為殺父兇手?語言:德語When a famous restauranteur is murdered, Gorniak and Hennrichs delve into the world of organised crime. However, investigations lead them to a darker and more frightening possibility – his wife and children. Could a young boy murder his father? Language: German
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    Love Child
    (丹麥)以愛為家 電影
    伊朗情侶Leila和Sahand被迫帶著私生子逃離德黑蘭,因為他們的非法婚外情在伊朗得以處死刑。這部紀錄片歷時五年拍攝,講述了這家人在西方世界尋求庇護的旅程。Iranian couple, Leila and Sahand, is forced to flee from Tehran with their illegitimate son as their illicit affair is punishable by death. Filmed over the course of five years, the documentary follows the family's journey as they seek refuge in the west.