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    Between Worlds
    (以色列)兩個世界 電影
    畢娜的兒子在恐怖攻擊中受傷,她趕到醫院時,認識了正在照顧臨終父親的年輕女子雅莫。兩名女子各自懷著秘密,但她們很快發現真相和愛能帶來力量。語言:希伯來語、阿拉伯語 Hearing that her son is injured by a terror attack, Bina rushes to the hospital. There, she meets and confides in Amal, a young woman attending to her dying father. With both women harbouring secrets, they will soon learn of the power of truth and love.
  • 02:20
    (比利時)為愛遠走 電影
    已婚的Zagros生活在伊拉克庫德自治區,原本幸福的婚姻,卻因親戚質疑妻子不夠傳統而逐漸變調。不久之後,妻子遠走布魯塞爾,Zagros為愛相隨,然而卻無法掙脫傳統與父權的束縛。語言:庫爾德語,荷語 In Kurdistan, Zagros’s happy marriage falters when relatives start questioning his wife’s growing modern personality. She soon runs away to Brussels for refuge. He follows her out of love but the burden of tradition and patriarchy never leaves him.
  • 04:10
    The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai
    (奈及利亞)結婚派對2:終點杜拜 電影
    在這部續集裡,新婚夫妻丹妮和多奇準備迎接寶寶,多奇的父母勉強還在一起。丹妮和多奇各自的男女儐相、多奇的兄弟和伴娘似乎都來電中,下一場婚禮不必等太久了,但究竟是誰要結婚? 語言:英語 In this sequel, newly-weds Dunni and Dozie are now expecting. Dozie’s parents are still together, but barely. Romance is in the air for their best man and maid of honour, and Dozie’s brother and the bridesmaid. And, there’s another wedding. But whose? Language: English
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    October November
    (德國)寂寞心風暴 電影
    一對疏遠已久的姐妹因父親病重而回到山中的老家,塵封的舊日傷痕和家族秘密,終因家族聚會而逐漸揭露。語言:德語 Two estranged sisters and their aged father are reunited in their family home, a mountainside inn. This family reunion slowly and inevitably lays bare old wounds and reveals long-held secrets. Language: German
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    (法國/阿爾及利亞)非常兒戲 電影
    穆尼在阿爾及利亞小村莊當園丁,他的妹妹患有嗜睡症,導致他成為村人的笑柄。氣憤之下,他宣布妹妹將嫁給一名歐洲大亨,謊言越傳越大,也改變了他們的命運。語言:阿拉伯語 In a small Algerian village, Mounir, a gardener, is often mocked because of his narcoleptic sister. Enraged by the ridicule, he lies that she is engaged to a European business mogul. The lie brings newfound attention but also changes their destinies. Language: Arabic
  • 09:40
    Single By Contract
    (德國)搖滾戀習曲 電影
    一部甜死人不償命的愛情喜劇。莉拉從美國回到柏林,發現人事全非,但更瘋狂的還在後頭,她在不知情之下和當紅搖滾樂團的主唱開始約會。語言:德語,英語 In this sugary and sweet rom-com, Lila returns to Berlin from the U.S only to find that her old life has disappeared and things have changed. But things get even crazier when she unknowingly starts dating a wildly popular rock band’s lead singer. Language: German, English
  • 11:30
    Strawberry Days
    (瑞典)他鄉的夏日戀曲 影集/動畫
    年輕的波蘭農工愛上了瑞典地主千金,他窮困潦倒,而她是含著金湯匙出身。面對彼此家族間的衝突,他們堅定的愛情受到重重考驗。 A young Polish farmworker falls in love with the farm owner’s Swedish daughter. He’s poor and exploited while she’s privileged and rich. Their tender love threatens to be foiled when a violent confrontation erupts between their respective communities.
  • 13:15
    The Pursuit Of Unhappiness
    (德國 )不幸福人生指南 電影
    一部介於幻想及現實的浪漫喜劇。多愁善感的蒂芬妮覺得幸福之後總是災難,但遇上夢中情人之後,她發現要掌握幸福並不難。語言:德語,英語 In this rom-com that interweaves fantasy and reality, Tiffany is a moody young lady who finds that her happiness is always followed by some disaster. But when she finally meets the man of her dreams, she finds that happiness isn’t that hard to hold on. Language: German, English
  • 14:50
    One Breath
    (俄羅斯)屏息重生 電影
    瑪麗娜正值中年危機,一心嚮往學會自由潛水,甚至想挑戰更高難度的極限運動。每當深吸一口氣,徜徉在大海之際,她學著與內在的平靜共存。本片根據真人實事改編。語言:俄語、英語 Amidst a mid-life crisis, Marina chances upon free diving and decides to commit herself to this high-risk sport entirely. Each time, submerged with just one breath in the oceanic abyss, she learns to embrace inner peace. Based on a true story. Language: Russian/English
  • 16:45
    My Brothers
    (愛爾蘭)親愛的難兄難弟 電影
    這部動人的愛爾蘭公路電影中,三兄弟開著偷來的麵包車,要去兌換臨終前的父親的手表。當抵達巴利布尼恩時,他們被瘋狂又怪異的鳥事所耽擱。 In this heart-warming Irish road movie, three young brothers take to the streets in a stolen bakery van to replace their dying father’s watch. Headed for Ballybunion, they are quickly side-tracked by a medley of hilarious mishaps and quirky oddballs.
  • 18:20
    Parents Home Alone: Ms Busche
    單親媽卡特琳把兒子送進大學之後開始談戀愛,然而幸福卻面對許多挑戰。她的父親發生意外,前夫想把她的房子要回去,兒子竟也在這時候忽然返家。語言:德語 After her son leaves for college, Katrin, a single mother, finds love again. However, her happiness is fleeting as challenges implode in her life. Her father has an accident, her ex-husband tries to repossess the house and her son unexpectedly returns home. Language: German
  • 19:55
    In the Heart of the World
    在一座巴西的貧民窟裡,居民過著非常艱困的日子。大家嚮往著美好的未來,那個不再只是勉強糊口度日,飽受各種犯罪,並且能逐步建築希望的未來。 In a poor Brazilian neighbourhood, its many inhabitants struggle to make ends meet. Everyone yearns for a happier future where life isn’t only about unforgiving survival – petty crime, big crime, anything that pays becomes a pathway of hope.
  • 22:00
    Modern Murder: Eye For An Eye
    (德國)現代兇殺案:以眼還眼 電影
    保險公司經理遭人殘殺,Gorniak及Sieland警探攜手調查,一腳踏入以利益為優先的嗜血保險業。語言:德語 Detective duo Gorniak and Sieland are investigating the grisly murder of a manager of an insurance firm. They dive headfirst into a brutal and bloodthirsty insurance world where profit matters above all else. Language: German
  • 23:30
    Color Of The Ocean
    (德國/西班牙 )海的顏色 電影
    一部描寫難民的動人劇情片,西班牙警察José、德國觀光客Nathalie以及來自剛果的難民Zola因緣際會而扯上關係,他們了解到要解救他人之前必先解救自己。語言:德語、西班牙語、法語 In this gripping refugee drama, the lives of Spanish cop José, German tourist Nathalie and Congolese refugee Zola become fatefully intertwined. As each person strives to survive and help others, they learn that to free someone, one has to free oneself first. Language: German, Spanish, French