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    (英國)歧路青春 電影
    提姆靠著賣贓品的收入來養活自己和小妹,他的母親已逝,祖父病重,還有個剛出獄的哥哥,生活中唯一的安慰是他的女友。當他的供應商遭到暴力攻擊,他才意識到自己打交道的是一群危險人物。語言:英語 Tim sells stolen goods to support his kid sister. His mum is dead, his grandpa is ill and his brother just got out of prison. His only joy is his girlfriend. When his supplier is brutally attacked, he realises he may be in trouble with very dangerous men. Language: English
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    Land Of Saints
    (義大利)正義抉擇 電影
    年輕的治安法官為打擊卡拉布里亞黑手黨而搬到義大利南部,面對令人髮指的黑幫罪行,她請求幫派老大的妻兒一同合作,協助她讓該地區回歸安寧。語言:義大利語 A young magistrate moves to South Italy to defeat the Calabrian Mafia. Appalled by the unsparing brutality of the mafia trade, she appeals to the mafia men’s wives and children in her quest to bring peace and justice to the region.
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    Dr Abel: Bruised And Battered
    (德國)阿貝爾法醫:傷痕累累 電影
    城裡發現多具皮膚上刻有「Respectez Asia」字樣的殘缺女屍,阿貝爾法醫認為目前的嫌犯不是真兇,他努力揭穿慘案背後的家庭悲劇。語言:德語 Multiple mutilated women with the words, ‘Respectez Asia’, carved on their skin, have been discovered. Coroner Dr. Abel believes that the suspect in question is innocent and strives to uncover the twisted family tragedy behind the slayings. Language: German
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    A Minute's Silence
    波羅的海邊的小鎮上,18歲的克里斯欽和老師史黛拉展開一段秘戀,感情十分濃烈,但史黛拉忽然遭逢意外,克里斯欽不得不面對初戀的結果。語言:德語 In a small Baltic town, 18-year-old Christian and his teacher Stella fall for one another and begin a secret affair. However, the intensity of their feelings soon overwhelm them. When tragedy befalls Stella, Christian is forced to confront his first love. Language: German
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    Mademoiselle Chambon
    (法國)夏日琴聲 電影
    尚恩與妻兒過著單純幸福的日子,工作之餘並無其他興趣,但他認識兒子的老師之後,立刻為她傾倒,慾望與良心的交戰就此開始。語言:法語 Jean lives a simple but happy life with his wife and son. He has few interests beyond work. However, when he meets his son’s teacher, he becomes besotted by her beauty. Soon, he finds himself struggling to reconcile his carnal desires with his conscience. Language: French
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    (義大利)意外搶匪 電影
    一部社會喜劇,描述年輕人在經濟衰敗的義大利的狀況。債台高築的羅西不小心「搶劫」了一間銀行,為了躲避警察和媒體而到處逃難,陪伴他的是失業的好友和一名已經不紅了的明星。語言:義大利語 A social comedy about the reality of young people in an ailing Italy: when an indebted Rossi accidentally “robs” a bank, he finds himself running across Italy from the police and media. He’s joined by his jobless best friend and a has-been starlet. Language: Italian
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    Dr Abel: Broken
    (德國)阿貝爾法醫:破碎 電影
    一名年輕女子在柏林某俱樂部的「暗室」被謀殺,阿貝爾法醫意識到本案與國際賣淫集團有關。又發生另一起「暗室」謀殺案,阿貝爾的孩子也在本案失蹤,案情至此已不再是公事。語言:德語 When a young woman is murdered in a ‘dark room’ of a Berlin club, Dr. Abel realises a depraved international sex trafficking ring is on his hands. However, the case becomes personal for Abel when his own children vanish in another ‘dark room’ murder. Language: German
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    Rabbit Without Ears
    由提爾史威格(《惡棍特工》)自導自演的浪漫喜劇,2007年德國票房冠軍。一個記者被罰在白天育幼中心從事社區服務,碰上小時候常被他欺負的女孩。 Til Schweiger (Inglorious Bastards) directs and stars in this slick romantic comedy that was number 1 on the German box office in 2007. A reporter is at the mercy of the girl he used to bully in school while serving his probation at a daycare centre.
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    None Like Us
    (義大利)屬於我們的愛情 電影
    義大利都靈,1980年代。信任與背叛,謊言與真相,本片的角色在二元之間尋找愛情。其中一人愛上好友,另一人發現自己的精神導師與友人父親之間的秘戀。語言:義大利語 Based in Turin, Italy in the 80s, this movie explores the binaries of faith and mistrust, lies and truth as its characters discover love. One falls for a best friend while the other finds out that a mentor has been hiding an affair with a friend’s father. Language: Italian
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    To Live To Sing
    (中國/法國/加拿大)活著唱著 電影
    當川劇戲院面臨拆除,劇團老闆趙麗極力尋找新的場館。她漸漸地分不出殘酷的現實與光彩奪目的歌劇到底哪個是真的。 Zhao Li is the manager of a small Sichuan Opera troupe. When their theater risks getting demolished, she desperately tries to find a new venue. Soon, the line between her bleak reality and the colorful fantasy of opera starts to magically blur.
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    (美國)愛 電影
    以巴爾的摩黑社會為背景。自小沒有父親的11歲男孩把前科犯叔叔當作偶像,他與叔叔共度一天,不但目睹販毒交易的黑暗面,也明白了人生路上走錯一步將追悔莫及。語言:英語 Set in the Baltimore crime world, a fatherless eleven-year-old boy learns about adulthood when he spends a day with his ex-convict uncle whom he idolizes. He becomes witness to the ugliness of drug dealings and the haunting pain of past mistakes in life. Language: English
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    (瑞典)賽巴怎麼了? 電影
    15歲的賽巴從沒想過要製作炸彈,但現在他手裡卻有一枚!由媽媽獨自扶養長大,出身貧窮的他過得特別辛苦,垃圾場成了他遠離塵囂的庇護所。 Sebbe is fifteen. He never planned to build a bomb but now, he has one in his hands. Growing up poor and with a single mother, life had always been difficult. The junkyard soon became his place of refuge where he could detach himself from the world.
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    Rice Wine Chicken
    (新加坡)紅槽雞 電影
    一位年輕的女子無法接受年邁的奶奶性格上的轉變。 A young woman struggles to accept the personality changes her grandmother is going through as she ages.
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    The Gift
    (新加坡)禮悟 電影
    導演Jaze的母親於2015年因為癌症去世,《禮物》的靈感來自於他們母子間的情誼,道出他對母親的公開信。 Director Jaze lost his mother to cancer in 2015. The Gift, inspired by his relationship with her, is an open letter from him to his mother.
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    Love And Other Accidents
    單親媽瑪麗經營農場,欠了銀行許多錢,銀行經理菲利普開車來到農場準備收回抵押品,沒想到一到就發生車禍,瑪麗趁著他受傷失憶,說服他是自己的丈夫。語言:瑞士德語,德語 Marie is a single mother, saddled with bank debts and running a farm. Philip, manager of the bank, goes to her farm to foreclose it but crashes his car upon arrival. Capitalising on Peter’s resultant amnesia, Marie convinces him that he is her husband. Language Swiss German, German
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    My Father's Bike
    (波蘭)父親的腳踏車 電影
    Włodek的妻子為了別的男人忽然求去,導致70歲的他心臟病發作。他的兒子和孫子來探病,祖孫三代展開了尋找彼此生命中最重要的女人的漫長旅程,一路上解決過去的怨恨及不滿,並創造新的回憶。語言:波蘭語 When Włodek’s wife suddenly leaves him for another man, the 70-year-old man has a heart attack. His son and grandson visit him, and the inter-generational trio embarks on a long journey to find her. They address past grievances and create new memories. Language: Polish