ROCK Extreme 極限娛樂頻道

  • 00:15
    Wild Rift Horizon Cup
    《英雄聯盟:激鬥峽谷》地平線盃 E2
  • 06:00
    Hotel Paranormal
    超自然旅館 E8 實境/娛樂
    一個從夢中醒來的男人,發現鬼魂控制著他的一舉一動;一對夫婦被搖醒,原來是凶猛的靈體在搖晃他們的床褥;而旅館中一個女人則被一個可怕的靈體驚醒。A man awakes from a dream to discover that ghosts are controlling his every move, a couple are shaken awake but a violent spirit shaking their mattress and a woman is awoken in a motel by a terrifying spirit.
  • 06:55
    LIVENow Fitness - James Middleton
    LIVENow健身時間-James Middleton E8
    LIVENow FitnessLIVENow Fitness
  • 07:30
    LIVENow Fitness - Louis Walcott
    LIVENow健身時間-Louis Walcott E1
    LIVENow 健身LIVENow Fitness
  • 08:10
    Valorant Champions Tour 2022: APAC Stage 2 Group Stage
    2022特戰英豪Stage 2 亞太挑戰賽:小組賽 E2
  • 15:20
    Paranormal 911
    靈異911 E1
    救護員史黛絲來到自殺現場,她遇上一種壓迫性的存在。救護員基斯在一所學校的空樓裡聽到腳步聲。救護員帕直克在一間古舊醫院遇到死神。When paramedic Stacy arrives at a suicide scene, she encounters an oppressive presence. Paramedic Chris heard footsteps in an empty building in a school. Paramedic Patrick came across a grim reaper at an old hospital.
  • 16:20
    Paranormal 911
    靈異911 E2
    警官大衛回應911求助電話,療養院可能有入侵者。貝蒂接到 911求助電話,據報一輛汽車墜入溝壑。警官莉莎簡咸被派往一宗企圖闖入大學案。Officer David responds to a 911 call for a possible intruder in a nursing home. Betty gets a 911 call that a car has crashed into a ravine. Officer Lisa Kimes was dispatched to an attempted break-in at a college.
  • 17:20
    Paranormal 911
    靈異911 E3
    緊急醫療技術員葛尼回應911求助電話,來到一個裝滿人體模型的房子,她感到十分害怕。亞歷山大隊長到達致命車禍的現場。一位老太太致電 911,報告她的閣樓有入侵者。EMT Courtney has the fright of her life when she responds to a call in a home full of mannequins. Capt. Alexander arrives at the scene of a fatal crash. A 911 call from an elderly lady, reporting intruder in her attic.
  • 18:15
    Paranormal 911
    靈異911 E4
    懲教官戴夫目擊一名囚犯的死。救護員阿班到達一名少女的事故現場。珍妮花回應一個由醫療警報手鐲觸發的深夜電話。"Correctional Officer Dave witnesses the death of a prisoner. Paramedic Ben arrives at an accident scene involving a young girl. Jennifer responded to a late-night call that was triggered from a Medical Alert bracelet."
  • 19:10
    Valorant Champions Tour 2022: APAC Stage 2 Group Stage
    2022特戰英豪Stage 2 亞太挑戰賽:小組賽 E3