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    MasterChef Australia (S8)
    澳洲頂級廚師 S8E42 實境/娛樂
    只有一天,墨爾本地標布萊頓海灘的彩虹小屋將成為冰品小攤,販賣受赫斯頓啟發的冰淇淋和冰棒。最乏味的團隊得在淘汰賽一較高下。 For one day only, Melbourne's iconic Brighton Beach bathing boxes become ice cream stands selling Heston-inspired ice creams & ice blocks. The least impressive team will face elimination.
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    MasterChef Australia (S8)
    澳洲頂級廚師 S8E43 實境/娛樂
    在今晚的挑戰中,赫斯頓要求參賽者只利用神的食物--巧克力來創造三道甜點。最乏味的團隊必須進入淘汰賽。 In tonight's challenge, Heston inspires the contestants to create a three-course dessert spread using only the food of the Gods: chocolate. The least impressive team will face the elimination challenge.
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    Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath
    莉亞萊米妮:山達基教與劫後餘生-黃金時代 E6 紀實新知
    前教會製作公司的活動製作人馬克希德利將透露與他們晚會籌款活動有關的不安真相,和他離開教會的覺醒。 Marc Headley, an ex-event producer for the Church's production company, divulges the disturbing truths linked to their gala fundraisers and how his disillusionment led to his exit from the church.
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    Celebrity Ghost Stories (S8)
    名人鬼故事-當頓朱莉布朗、德瑞塔達范佐 S8E83 影集/動畫
    演員當頓朱莉布朗遇過一個心碎而死的女人靈體;德瑞塔遇見一個暴戾的鬼魂和祂的惡犬,進而擔心自己的性命。 TV personality Downtown Julie Brown has an encounter with the tragic spirit of a woman who died of a broken heart; Drita fears for her life when she is confronted by a violent ghost and his vicious dog.
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    Who Killed Jonbenet?
    誰殺了瓊貝妮特? 電影
    Lifetime自製電影將帶觀眾回顧當年震驚全國的謀殺案,小小選美皇后瓊貝妮特藍西被人冷血謀殺。本片由伊昂拜利、邁克爾吉爾以及茱莉亞坎貝爾主演。 This Lifetime Original Movie revisits the infamous murder of pint-sized beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and the lurid details that captivated the nation. Stars Eion Bailey, Michel Gill and Julia Campbell.
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    Bring It! (S2)
    激情舞壇-粉絲聊天:特蕾西的復仇 S2E9 實境/娛樂
    特蕾西教練和YCDT將和娃娃們在密西西比州上演一場復仇的比賽。D老師設想一支錯綜複雜的舞蹈。 Mississippi awaits a revenge contest involving Coach Traci and the YCDT Supastarz on one side and the Dolls on the other. Miss D conceives an intricate choreographic routine.
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    Bring It! (S2)
    激情舞壇-皇家之路 S2E10 實境/娛樂
    隨著舞蹈娃娃準備迎戰紫鑽石,D老師挑戰隊長凱拉繼續擔當領袖的角色。特蕾西教練抵達現場觀看複賽。 As the Dancing Dolls ready themselves to battle the Purple Diamonds, Miss D dares Kayla, the head captain, to assume a leadership role. Coach Traci arrives to observe the rematch.
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    Bring It! (S2)
    激情舞壇-別這麼做 S2E11 實境/娛樂
    D老師和妮娃教練陪同著隊伍一起練習,引發了激烈的爭吵。D老師決定讓塔米亞成為隊長,迎接和橄欖枝娃娃的對戰。 Miss D and Coach Neva accompany their squads as they practise, leading to a massive spat. Miss D decides to make Tamia chief stand battle to outmanoeuvre the Divas of Olive Branch.
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    So Sharp (S1)
    沙普精舞團-病入膏肓 S1E5 實境/娛樂
    女孩們疾病纏身讓陶德擔心不已;泰勒因為表姊寇比的演出而感到自己微不足道;梅莉莎有機會拔得頭籌讓蘿絲相當在意。 Illness plagues the girls which worries Todd; Taylor feels unnoticed due to her cousin Kobie's performance; Marissa's chance of taking the top spot concerns Rose.
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    So Sharp (S1)
    沙普精舞團-帶勁表演 S1E6 實境/娛樂
    瓢蟲舞團首次跳完國家比賽嘻哈舞蹈的前半部分;凱拉得知泰勒在說她的事;萊麗試著重拾陶德的好感。 The Ladybirds debut the first half of their hip-hop Nationals routine; Kayla gets to know that Taylor talks about her; Ryleigh tries to get back into Todd's good graces.
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    So Sharp (S1)
    沙普精舞團-學姊情深 S1E7 實境/娛樂
    凱拉在全國爵士舞表演中獨挑大樑;陶德對學姊的不捨令他情緒高漲;技術障礙出現,舞團必須重組。 Kayla takes the center spot in the Jazz Nationals routine; Todd gets emotional because of his attachment to the seniors; the team must regroup when technical hurdles arise.
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    So Sharp (S1)
    沙普精舞團-惡魔降臨 S1E8 實境/娛樂
    嘉柏麗再次落選,她在隊上的位置岌岌可危。克洛伊一直學不會嘻哈舞步。 After not making the formation yet again, Gabrielle's spot on the team falls into jeopardy; Chloe has difficulties learning some hip-hop trick.
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    Arranged (S2)
    盲婚-隔離婚約 S2E1 實境/娛樂
    泰勒與大衛冒著他們母親會發火的風險。薇琪與班正在試著應付猶太東正教的規矩。 Taylor and David risk the fury of their mothers. Vicki and Ben struggle to cope with Jewish Orthodox rules.
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    Arranged (S2)
    盲婚-婚禮之戰 S2E2 實境/娛樂
    泰勒警告她的野獸婆婆梅爾巴不要在她的婚禮當天惹麻煩。瑪伊爾在瑪妮卡朋友面前讓她丟臉 Taylor cautions her 'monster-in-law' Melba not to engender trouble on her wedding day. Mayur dishonours Maneka in front of his pals.
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    Married At First Sight US (S5)
    閃婚美國版-蜜月上集 S5E5 實境/娛樂
    三對剛結婚的陌生人要開始度蜜月。他們是否會被浪漫衝昏頭,還是會出現問題呢? The three couples who were married as strangers are now on their honeymoons. They may be overcome with passion and desire or experience trouble in paradise.
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    Married At First Sight US (S5)
    閃婚美國版-蜜月下集 S5E6 實境/娛樂
    湯姆仍在擔心他隱瞞新婚妻子莉莉安的秘密;索尼雅和尼克揭露了自己的好勝心 The three couples who were married as strangers are now on their honeymoons. They may be overcome with passion and desire or experience trouble in paradise.
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    Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid (S1)
    尤蘭達哈蒂德的名模教育-倚繩 S1E3 實境/娛樂
    參賽者們為了拍照挑戰高難度的馬戲團道具。隨後便跟吉姆喬登一通拍攝泳裝廣告。 The models navigate a challenging circus apparatus for a photo shoot. Then, they engage in a swimwear photo shoot with Jim Jordan.
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    MasterChef Junior Australia (S2)
    頂級小廚師澳洲版-壓力賽與完美烤肉 S2E7
    這是澳洲小小頂級廚師們的關鍵時刻,20強將在第一輪淘汰賽中被刪減到16名。選手們得做出完美烤肉。 It's crunch-time in the MasterChef Kitchen today for Australia's best young cooks. The top 20 is about to be whittled down to 16 in the first elimination. The kids are asked to cook "The Perfect" Roast.
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    MasterChef Junior Australia (S2)
    頂級小廚師澳洲版-神秘箱與家庭甜點 S2E8
    今晚比賽由神秘箱挑戰揭開序幕,接著進行"媽媽的味道",前16名選手得料理他們母親拿手的家庭蘋果派甜點。 Today's competition kicks off with the Mystery Box Challenge. Next is "Mum knows best", where the Top 16 have to cook their 'family apple pie/dessert dish' which was passed onto them by their mums.
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    Man Vs Child: Chef Showdown (S1)
    大人小孩廚藝大對決-勇往直前 S1E3 實境/娛樂
    「公牛」法蘭奇泰佐里卯足全力要打破廚藝神童團隊的連勝成績。主廚伊瑪莉面臨菜單危機,她能站穩腳步嗎? Frankie 'The Bull' Terzoli does his best to stomp out the team of child cooking prodigies winning streak. When Chef Emmalee is stymied by the perils of the menu board, will she 'get the horns'?
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    Girl Fight
    女孩之戰 電影
    一位16歲學生被過去的好友們毆打的影片流傳到網路上,進而對她的人生以及名聲產生負面影響。 A 16-year-old student's life and stellar reputation spiral downward when a shocking video of her assault at the hands of her former friends surfaces on the Internet.
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    Lifetime + Viddsee Shorts: Kimchi Natto
    夏娜在母親車禍身亡後才發現自己的祖母依然活著,並定居於日本。她決心要更了解母親的過去。 After her mother dies in a car accident, Hana, a Korean schoolgirl, learns that her grandmother is still alive and lives in Japan. Intrigued, Hana tries to learn about her mother's past.
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    Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance
    哈利與梅根:皇家情緣 實境/娛樂
    在兩人的朋友牽線之下,哈利王子跟梅根馬克爾兩人便低調地談起了戀愛。但過了沒多久,他們的戀情就成了全球媒體爭相報導的話題。 After their friends set them up, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle try to keep their romance a secret during their courtship. Soon, their relationship ends up garnering intense global media attention.