MOD 105


2022/6/4起,週末 19:00

在這部友情喜劇節目中,麥羅是一位受歡迎的動漫愛好者,他所在的漫畫店店長雇傭了一位新職工,性格 古怪又愛激動的露比闖進了他的小世界。雖然他們各不相同,卻組成了一個奇妙的組合,一起創作新的超 級英雄系列。

In this buddy-comedy series, meet Milo the beloved head geek at a popular comic book shop who finds his microcosm disrupted when the boss hires a new employee: the quirky and excitable Ruby. Despite their differences, the two form an unlikely alliance when they team up to create the next great superhero franchise.